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You, your family, or your business rely on contracts regularly and we understand that more than any other firm. Our team has decades of experience and there is rarely an instance that we have not come across before. Furthermore, we specialize in drafting contracts and settling any and all disputes on your behalf. At Criscione Ravala, LLP., our goal is to resolve most issues outside of the courtroom and achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

If you are attempting to start a business or non-profit, an abundance of first-hand experience from our team guarantees that all of your questions and concerns can be addressed. As a one-stop firm, our services apply to established companies and newly formed ones, too. We offer accurate advice and representation for entrepreneurs who are just beginning the process or need to take the necessary next steps for growth. Managing a business can sometimes be a minefield of contracts/agreements, compliance, M&A, Intellectual Property, etc. At Criscione Ravala, LLP., we will work with you to develop every competitive advantage and partner with you as a means to your success in business.

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Business and Contract Laws