At Criscione Ravala, LLP, our unwavering Core Values form the basis of our firm’s code of conduct, ethos, and the foundational principles that shape our lawyers and staff’s legal practice. Our firm’s five values outline the metrics we use to measure and quantify progress and client success. We believe and regard the motto highly: “Client Centered, Results Driven.” And our pledge is to represent our clients with the highest standards of professionalism, excellence, integrity, resolve, and respect. Our focus on delivering outstanding results means we understand our clients’ needs, requirements, challenges, objectives, and goals.

Criscione Ravala, LLP is determined to create successful and long-lasting relationships with people, businesses, and institutions. We pride ourselves in seeing the people we represent not only as clients but as family, too.

All attorneys and staff commit to implement and practice our core values.

  1. Excellence in Advocacy
    Sweat each detail to conduct in-depth and complete legal research, draft meticulous and well-crafted legal documents, and deliver top-notch legal representation in the courtroom, boardroom, and everywhere in between—every single time.
  2. Sincerity & Integrity
    Place a high premium on trustworthiness, reliability, and deliverability. Our legal practice is grounded in the tenets of foundational fairness, justice, and equality. We employ the highest ethical and moral integrity standards, taking on cases with scrupulous honesty and holding all attorneys and staff accountable for their actions, both successes and failures.
  3. Collegiality & Collaboration
    Our best assets are the people we work with. A firm is only successful if the people employed by it are treated with respect, genuine care, and their perspectives are heard. The key to any productive firm is the relationship cultivated between attorneys, staff, and clients. Our goal is to create and foster a collegial work environment that enables all staff to direct individual accomplishments toward firm objectives through communication, cooperation, and collaboration.
  4. Community-Centered
    Citizenship is the bedrock of our firm’s core values. We believe in giving back and paying it forward. We partner with local, national, and international organizations to cultivate and strengthen our relationships and develop collaborative innovations that meet our community’s needs. We invest time, energy, and resources to philanthropic causes and cases that align with our firm’s mission, vision, and legal expertise. Striving for excellence and continuous improvement in our community engagements is something we prioritize and take pride in.
  5. Inclusion
    We believe there is strength in diversity and inclusion. That the natural differences only exist to highlight the uniqueness of every person we work with or represent but does not forestall their contributions. We celebrate the broad spectrum of ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds of our staff and clients. And seek to leverage the passion, perspectives, experiences, and ideas of our multicultural staff and clients to strengthen our mission, vision, and civic contributions. Our goal is to create a constructive space for open communication, deepen trust and collaboration, and promote equity and inclusion at all legal practice levels.